"V2K MEDIA WORKS", a Hyderabad based TV & Film producing company teamed up with Srilu Media Works USA producing a culinary programme called "MAA VOORI VANTA - America Special"

Telecasting it via MAA TELEVISION NETWORKS, Hyderabad, India. As on date, it is a very successful programme in Andhra Pradesh and now it has successfully completed telecast of 700 Episodes.

As per the concept we go from house to house and make the housewives produce good eatables and present the prossess thru TV for the general public. For this programme, we went to every nook & corner of Andhra Pradesh and presented dishes of various tastes to all the viewers. Not only Andhra Pradesh, we went to Bangalore & Boarder districts of Orissa as well for producing our programme. Some friends relatives residing in the US are our regular viewers and they are sending us their opinions about this programme.

America Specials from 16th Aug. @ 12.30 pm—Every Sunday

“MAA VOORI VANTA” telecast by MAA TV has become very popular for Telugu Community all over the world. V2K Media works is the production unit producing the Maa Voori Vanta episodes going nook and corner of Andhra Pradesh. Recently the episodes from Kerala Andhras and Dubai Andhras also telecast and had good ratings.

Promos are already running giving the timings and particular Sundays for telecasting these episodes. Following are the families who cooperated in having all 8 episodes and we profusely thank them:

1. Lalith Vadlamudi, Fishers IN
2. Dr. Sai Rajeswari, Muncie IN
3. Dr. Sujatha Reddy Carmel IN

Srilu Media works USA is planning for more episodes to be shot in USA in the near future with the collaboration of V2K Media. Srilu Media works USA appeals all the Telugu TV viewers to watch “ Maa Voori Vanta” America Specials starting from this Sunday. Srilu Media works thank Mr. Venkat and Kishore of V2K Media for the opportunity given to associate with them.


For those who are interested in this Program, please contact: