• Increased size and cost of projects
  • Number of projects at the same time
  • Out-sourcing
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Estimation
  • Repeatability of similar projects
  • Standards Compliance
  • Resource Optimization
  • Project Collaboration across many functions
  • Contract Management

Large projects with potential of high returns are becoming a reality

organizations are also getting exposed to the dangerous outcomes of ineffectively managed projects that can impact the financial infrastructure of not just the project but the entire enterprise.

Srilu provides Project Management solutions that bring together the disciplines of strategic planning and project management, and provide a framework for effectively managing both the resources and the tactical plans for projects. The portfolio of Solutions includes end to end solutions ranging from consulting, solution customization, solution deployment, user acceptance and training to support and maintenance.

Performance Management

Srilu helps enterprises stay agile and respond better to changing market conditions by optimizing business processes, making their IT infrastructure resilient, and ensuring faster business results. Srilu, is the best provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform.

Use of performance management software to make gains on your competitors with access to critical data about how well your business, your market, your competitors, and your suppliers are responding to today's challenging times.